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Community Partnerships

At PDDBM, our vitality stems from the vibrant community that surrounds us. We believe in the strength of collaboration and actively engage with local and national service partners, businesses, and nonprofits to enhance our support for participants and the community at large. The synergy created through hosting and sponsoring events, participating in speaking engagements, and facilitating educational programs not only generates essential funds for PDDBM but also fosters connections among like-minded individuals. Our commitment to empowering lives and building equity is deeply rooted in community support. By championing the advancement and prosperity of African American/Black communities, particularly children of color, we recognize that lasting impact is achievable through collective efforts in education, opportunity, and cultural enrichment. We firmly believe that the active involvement of our community members, along with their support, is instrumental in breaking barriers, redefining narratives, and ensuring that every individual has the necessary resources to flourish in a world full of boundless possibilities. The dedication and generosity of our community truly fuel our mission, and we recognize that our success is a shared endeavor that thrives on the collaborative spirit of those who believe in the transformative power of collective action.



Serving, Empowering, Educating, Inspiring, and Uplifting African American and Black Communities Across the USA



Lives Transformed Through Last Year's Programs, Prevention Initiatives, Advocacy, and Events



Contributed Their Time Last Year

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