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Ruby N Lewis

PDDBM Chairwoman and President

Ruby N Lewis is a distinguished and multifaceted force, making indelible marks across education, civil rights activism, and the entertainment industry. Born in Tacoma, WA, her journey reflects a steadfast commitment to social justice. As a civil rights activist, she played a pivotal role in dismantling racial segregation in schools through impactful protests, marches, and initiatives. Advocating for inclusive learning environments, Ruby addressed disparities in educational opportunities, leaving an enduring impact on the field.

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In the entertainment realm, Ruby's versatility shines through her achievements in acting, singing, and modeling. With a career spanning theater, film, and television, she earned acclaim for her compelling portrayals. As a vocalist, her expressive voice captivates audiences, while her influence extends into the fashion industry, where she designs clothes uplifting and inspiring to the African American race.

Ruby N Lewis's commitment extends beyond her individual achievements. With eight years on the Vancouver WA NAACP Executive Board, she dedicated herself to community upliftment before focusing full-time on the nonprofit "Please Don't Die Black Men" (PDDBM), where she currently serves as Chairwoman and President. Ruby's visionary leadership within PDDBM manifests in groundbreaking initiatives, including the innovative Microaggression Board Game, fostering empathy and understanding about systemic racism. The PDDBM Clothing Brand, under her guidance, stands as a tangible symbol of empowerment and cultural pride, resonating with diverse audiences.


Ruby's impactful presence isn't confined to the nonprofit sector. As CEO of Unlimited Creative Corporations, a multimedia company, and the United States Orphans Coalition (UNSORC), she advocates tirelessly for children within and beyond America's child protective social services system. Ruby N Lewis's legacy is further enriched by her extensive short film portfolio, including collaborations with the Vancouver WA NAACP on the groundbreaking documentary, "Black History in Clark County, WA." Through her dynamic leadership, advocacy, and artistic prowess, Ruby continues to shape a narrative of empowerment, justice, and inspiration within African American communities.


The United States Orphan Coalition-UNSORC, founded by Ruby, stands as a beacon against the distressing statistics plaguing children in the Social Services System. The organization seeks to end the cycle of abuse, homelessness, and despair faced by these children, advocating for a future where every child's well-being is prioritized over systemic failures.

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