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The term simple or basic, which is used for plain, comfortable, plain clothing products, also works to classify styles. The basic style, which envisages that dressing should not be an ornament but a necessity, defines products that contain limited colors but can be worn anywhere for many years with their quality fabrics.

This donation package, valued from $65 - $999, provides an opportunity to become the recognized sponsor facilitating the attendance of anywhere from 1 or 2 middle schoolers and/or 1 or 2 high schoolers at the fashion show.

Simple Fashion Donation Packages

PriceFrom $58.50
Price Options
One-time purchase
Simple Fashion
Subscribe and Save 5%
$61.75every month until canceled
Simple Fashion Week
Subscribe and Save 10%
$58.50every week until canceled
  • PDDBM's Fashion Show commemorates Black History Month, spotlighting African American impact in US fashion since the 1860s. It instills pride and encourages ongoing contributions, yet stark stats reveal systemic challenges for young African Americans—high poverty and educational inequities worsened by systemic racism. This event serves as a beacon toward equity. Requested funding will offer free access to middle and high schoolers, aiming to inspire and educate. Excess revenue supports PDDBM's core programs for youth, fostering skills and empowerment for a brighter, more equitable future.

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